Namida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri

Author: honjou rie

Status: Completed   

Genre: Drama , Psychological , Tragedy , Yaoi ,

Update: Feb 8, 2014

Namida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri

Next update: about Feb 15, 2014


1-3) Blue Grey Dream
After the failure attempt of eloping with his customer, Shiki (Purple Ghost), a male prostitute, gave up his hope for love… until Ootori-sensei came along. Will Shiki finally find what he had been looking for…!? So what if there's a huge gap on their social standings, what's so wrong about living and loving for the moment? Enjoy this forbidden love story in the red-light district.

4) Untied Heartbeat
Shinobu and Washizaki parted ways in the most terrible of circumstances and after the many years that have passed, Shinobu is still scarred by the incident. When Washizaki returns to Japan and seeks treatment for cancer at Shinobu’s hospital, Shinobu must face his past and find a resolution to the difficult feelings he’s hidden deep inside.

5) Heartthrob Prince
Noriaki, a normal Japanese high school student befriends transfer student, Zeid, a prince from overseas. As Zeid accustoms himself to Japan, Noriaki, although frustrated with Zeid’s broken Japanese, finds the prince increasingly more charismatic and charming. Can Zeid charm his way into Noriaki’s heart, and ultimately, his bed?


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  1. fuj17 said at January 24, 2017 1:07 am

    Wtf shiki leaves him locked in a hospital mental ward? He still lost everything but its far worse.

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